Drawing of Blonde Shellie

Blondie Shelli

Dedication to a beautiful young woman

Completed web version Full-Sized downloads only available to specific people by Direct Messages ONLY.

Drawing of Blonde Shellie
Drawing by John Boone – Copyright Sept 2021

System Crash had to start over on the shading of the face and body.

More hair color to be added. Finish up the shading and add Pink to the black dress. Ear and Diamond earring, smoothing out rough drawing and remove drawing. Teeth and tongue. working on getting the shading right on the face. I was so close to being done before it crashed.

Procreate backup file created. 2:08 PM Sept 8, 2021

More to do

Have to do this

  • Eyes
  • Eye browes
  • Ear
  • My skin blending
  • More hair
  • Dress not done yet. Need to add Pink
  • It is looking good better than what you see here
  • I still have a lot of work.

Hope you have some painkillers. to help you

The skin tone on the face looks much better now. Also need to add PINK to your dress, Still quite a bit of work to do but I am much happier with it. one breast is bigger than the other need to fix that. think I will shrink one that looks too big.


Progress drawings removed.

Rough Draft Sketch of what is to come
Drawn by – John Boone

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  1. This man is the most amazing artist. The picture he did of me looks exactly like me. I am so excited about this, and I hope that each and everyone will have him do a picture for them, because it’s something that you hold dear to your heart, and I sure do hold this year to my heart.Thank you so much for what you’ve done, you’ve made me very happy my friend! Blessings to you.

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