Brown Eyes with Long Beautiful Black Hair

Copyright John Boone – October 2021,


She saw a drawing of unfinished work and requested that I do a drawing for her that she could post the how-to progressions of her drawing on her TikTok Videos. I needed to have a variety of portraits and so I gladly selected one of her videos and started a drawing.

On Tiktok the videos are all backward so I reversed the image and then drew used her image as a reference to draw from. My drawings are not exact as the image. I am still in the learning phase of my art and getting better all the time as I did here. The lips are better than I have ever done lips before.

I experiment with different ideas of drawing so that I can fine-tune my art. Find what works and what I don’t like.

The APP I use is Procreate on my iPad and iPad Pro 2T 2021 an awesome replacement for my 32 gig iPad.

This drawing was done on my iPad with only 32 Gigs of Ram. Images are getting so big that I cannot edit them easily with my PC because of Adobe Crashs with my low memory.

ipad Pro 2T 2021 Generation 3

I can now edit the images on my iPad scale them down to a small size so I can edit on my PC make the web customizations I need and then post them here on my WordPress website.

I also save the FULL SIZED image on an undisclosed location where the person I made the drawing for can download a full-sized printable version 300 DPI.


Download Full Sized

300 DPI image for printing

Only for individual

In your DM – Direct Messages you will find the link for the full-sized image that you can print.

Some of the TikTok Video

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