A Wonderful Break Dance Mom

Drawing by John Boone Copyright October 2021

Drawing from one of her Videos on TikTok

She gave me a few of her videos to choose from. I wanted one where I could see her eyes. Many good views to choose from, however this was the best one with clear view into her eyes.

I added the lines into the jacket and blended the line to give an appearance of wrinkles in the Jacket.

When doing the drawing I have a base color layer for each section. I found that if I don’t have a base layer then I will get a transparent image affect when I do the blending.

When I do the skin portion of the drawing I like to find a darker color to use of the skin. But not too dark. I then blend lighter tones on a layer above the base skin color, some darker tones when needing darker shading.

Hair looks better with a darker color than the main color to show contrast. Sometimes depending on the Drawing, I will use a lighter background than the main hair color. Especially when the hair color is black.

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