To My Wife Kindhearted Wonderful Woman

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The first drawing I did of my wife was pretty bad. Still need to improve my skills. Each time I do a new portrait I seem to be improving my skill with drawing and blending of colors shading of the face.

I have heard it said that the artist can see all the flaws and others just see the beauty. I hope someday I will be a very skilled artist.

Drawn by John Boone Copyright July 2021

I only started drawing on November 7th of 2020.

Newer Drawing Coming Soon

This drawing needs to be updated now that my skills are much better. I can make a better drawing of my wife. Currently working on the new drawing in 300 DPI.

She works a full-time job and a two home businesses she is a very busy woman. Always talking on the Phone to someone. Almost anyways. We have some time in the evenings together If she doesn’t get a phone call. If someone calls her. Then we don’t get time to watch as show together because she talks a very long time.

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