A Beautiful Woman of the Hawaiian Islands

Beautiful Woman of the Hawaiian Islands

Christine – I give you full rights to use this image as you want. The image above is 72 dpi you will want to download the image below for the 300 DPI image so you can print it out and frame it if you wish.

Take A look at the details in the eyes of the big full-sized image.

A Beautiful Woman of the Hawaiian Islands
Drawing – Copyright John Boone – Aug 2021

Full-Sized image Printable.

Download available to Christine Moon Only.
8 MB 300 DPI – for Printing
2096 by 2826 pixels

Drawing 1 of 2 completed.

Detail Added to

Eyes texture. Need to add shading in the white part of the eye

Looking closely at the eye you will see texture added. Also highlights to the Eyes and Lips

Added shading to clothing

Drawing has completely been erased no more guidelines.

First of 2 drawings almost done

  • Need to soften edges where the drawing has been erased
  • Add More texture to the hair
  • Draw the necklace and shade it
  • Smooth any hard edges
  • I want to lighten the right side of the face a little bit.

Background Drawing Next and then Fit the two drawings together.

Just a little over halfway done on the 1st drawing of two. 2nd Drawing will be the background. Currently, show the image I will use for the 2nd drawing.

Still working on the shading on the face not quite happy with it yet. Have to do eyes and eyebrows, and eyelashes, More hair texture, and color. And then draw the background and merge the two drawings. Add Texture to clothing and erase the drawing. Need detail in the ear.Needs a little more detail on the left arm. The necklace needs work.

Then I need to add the highlights to the Eyes and Lips.

Looks like I need to smooth out the hard edges a bit, but skin tone is looking good.

Time for bed work on it some more tomorrow.

Made this one smaller for the web as I add shading to the skin the image will get heavier. Eyes are just a basic color I have not put the detailed texture into the eyes yet. Currently working on skin tone. I have to charge my iPad before I can continue.

After I finish the sketch then I do a base color before I start working on the details and shading.

I try to draw something every day. Improving my skills. I have built a lot of digital artwork not posted here. Many logos and designs for farms.

Drawing 1 completed.

Drawing 23 Hawaii Flowers for background

Once I have all the flowers drawn I will start the assembly and design the background.

Previous images of the progress of the finished drawing have been removed to make my web page lighter.

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