New Development Plans

I need to revamp my website to build a more call to action strategy. Having learned more about driving traffic of visitors that come to my website. Using what is called “Above The Fold” this is the area you see on your screen without scrolling down.

The most important information you want to be seen above the fold. To engage your viewer. I have only been presenting my work digitally. I will need to redesign my site to bring about a more traffic driven experience.

iPencil – Drawings

Currently my ipencil is not functioning for some reason every now and then it just stops working. And then out of the blue it starts working again. I need to purchase a new iPencil but dont have the money right now.

Ipencil is working again strange how it doesn’t and does for some odd reason.

Drawn by John Boone Copyright July 2021

This is a Drawing I did of my 2nd Wife. Now it is not very good. As I can draw so much better now.

I was in the process of doing a better drawing of her as I can make it look very good now but have not done so, not so sure there will be an updated version now with the divorce.

And I thought we were ending in a friends relationship but with take me for everything is not a friendly approach.

I have no plans to Redraw her at the moment with my better skills of drawing.

PHP Development – WordPress Plugins

I plan on developing WordPress Plugins in order to be able to make money to support my graphical designs and if I make money through any of my drawings as well that would be good.

My first objective is to learn PHP better so that I can become a good developer this will take some time before I publish a plugin that I wish to sell.

I have written a few WordPress Plugins and have done some programming in Perl, Python and various other development environments.

I have never done so for an income. However, now is a good time to start.

Work From Home

I am going to work from home for my self or for someone else however I prefer the option of being my own boss.

Divorced, Soon to be Single

I have been married twice and now with my 2nd divorce I have moved from Utah to Florida for one month and now Living in Virginia. I am found on and however I dont have the money at this time to subscribe so I cannot respond to chats requests at this time. Once the divorce is complete then I will have some money. Had to spend 5,000 to get a good lawyer as wife is attempting to take everything from me.

Drawings not yet posted

I have several drawings that I have not yet posted to this website. I will convert to 72 DPI and then upload them for public view. To keep my website active and to show case my work.

Drawings I post for people to download I do provide a hidden URL to down load the 300 DPI printable version of my drawing with my copywrite on the image.

My Divorce 2022

Small File of my ship drawing
Drawn and copyright by John Boone 2021

I don’t just draw women but they are what I have posted on TikTok. I have done a lot of graphical design work for my soon to be X-2nd-Wife.

She said she was going to make it fair but then turned around and got a lawyer to try to get everything she can. After 20 years of marriage and I was the one making the most income where she gets off the idea to take ALL the Equity and leave me with nothing.

I had cashed out my Entire 401 K Retirement and paid off all her debts and mine. Now I was scammed latter 10,100 dollars but I more than paid the equal amount of this by paying off her credit card debt.

I am Loyal, I never cheated on her and I only left because living with her was very bad for my health wich I will not disclose in public to protect her, we lack the ability to communicate every time I tried she always asked me if I wanted a divorce. I was only allowed to talk about the things she wanted to talk about and was not allowed to change the topic or interrupt her she would give me brief moments to talk but most of the time for very long times of her talking and me listening it could literally be an hour or more just listening to her talk. Mostly complain about everything and everyone.

It was always someone or something that was preventing her from making money on her business she could never take ownership and drive her business it was always someone else’s fault.

A man can only take so much complaining before it is too much.

I want in a marriage a positive working loving relationship and this marriage is not ever going to be that way. Personally I want to build a loving relationship where both partners build each other up and and constructively with love describe what is bothering you and build on love not arguments or mean manipulative tactics to get your way.

Love in the Marriage

The love in the marriage died in 2006 when she was introduced to Goats. Ya thats right she choose to love her goats more than me, at first it was ok but soon her goats became everything to her and she put them as first priority in our life. And if someone called her when we were in our Together event I was put on hold. Now that is not a thriving marriage but a non functional one.

I tried to bring this to her attention but was shot down everytime I tried.


I use Tiktok to showcase my drawings and often times will show how I do the drawing or just show progression of the drawing itself. Most of the drawings on Tiktok were Women because I thought it would be good to have a specific theme of my drawings. I have drawn a few other items to see how they would do on my stats for drawings.

Drawing – Copyright John Boone – October 2021,
A Beautiful Portrait with Long Red Hair
Copyright John Boone Oct 2021 – Boone Design Drawings
A Beautiful Happy Woman with her Wonderful Dark Hair
Copyright John Boone, Sept 2021,

These are just a few of the many drawings I have done. I thought it was important to do a drawing of a woman that is black because I wanted to show I don’t just draw white women.

I have Posted drawings of Spiders and Ships as well as Goats on TikTok but because I have posted so many women It is seen that I draw only Women.

Small File of my ship drawing
Drawn and copyright by John Boone 2021
Whitehouse by John Boone – Copyright March 2021
SCI Goat Copyright John Boone Dec 2020

However you can see I do other drawings as well.


Some people. Really. Your own family not supporting you. Well that’s how it goes.

I draw to enjoy my drawings and to relax it is not a form of cheating on my wife but to learn how to draw better. You cannot get better at something that you don’t practice.

Now I have drawn other things than just women but I don’t post all my drawings on TikTok. Is that hard to believe — NO

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