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I am my own web designer. I dont need anyone to create a commercial for me or to do a video of my work. I have done my own videos and they are on TikTok.

I get 26% of my traffic form Social Media 54% of my traffic comes from Google Searches. I am a web designer and can do my own SEO. I manage my website and update the plugins.

Contact Me for Hire to do a Drawing or Graphical Design Work

I build logos, certificate graphics, drawings of people and animals drawings of whatever you want so long as I have a picture. I can then do a drawing.

I manipulate graphics and design graphics. I have not posted all of my drawings or art work. I have done a lot of logos and design work for others however those forms of art work have not been posted here.

I do comercial art work as well for my wife and her business classified Ads.

Graphical Design Artwork

If you are interested in me doing work for you let me know. I can restore damaged images. I can colorize images as a drawing vers the image itself look at the profile images I have drawn to see if you would be interested in me doing a drawing for you.

I don’t just do people I do all sorts of Art work but need a photo to work from.