Countries BLOCKED or BAND from accessing my website


All access from Nigeria has been blocked due to too much SCAM

Other Countries Blocked

Russia due to War they started.

Nigeria on TikTok

It is become an increasing problem I have 34% of all my followers from Nigeria which I deem as TOTAL SCAM. I will start blocking by country or may even block ALL and only allow by Country if it becomes too much a problem.

IF you are from Nigeria and you Call my Phone or contact me in ANY WAY I will BLOCK YOU so why even try. Not that it will help but I will do my best to block all Nigeria Access.

All Comments are monitored and I only publish those that I like

IF you post a URL to my comments it will not be approved. I may approve the comment after I remove the URL.

The purpose of my website is to show case my work. I will determine what comments are allowed to be shown. Posting something to crash my sever will only get you blocked and I have awesome support from my hosting provider.

I am a web developer

I know how to Do SEO and my own Web Development. If I need help with that I will seek it. Those asking for me to hire them I will not ever because you are spamming me. I will if I choose hire whom I wish.